12x ARKO CLASSIC Hand cream,after shave cream, make up cleaner


arko 12 piece cream with oily vitamin c


  • Cream will protect your skin from wind ,sun, cold weather your skinn will be relax after using
  • it will protect your hands in cold also
  • For ladies it can use as make up cleaner
  • İt makes your skin softer after shower or shave 
  • arko is ideal cream for all family 
  • Arko Classic 20 ml Oily Cream, which is also known as the Miracle Cream, with its special formula containing beeswax provides an irreplaceable care for the adverse effects such as drying, flaking, the feeling of extreme tightness, dehiscence that happen on the skin due to cold weather or after sunbathing.
  • It gives the skin a soft and smooth vision and hinders your skin to dry. It is a perfect cream for your family’s skin care. Arko Classic 20 ml Oily Cream, which you may use for the irritated knees and elbows of your children with relief, is also ideal for the drying skin and diaper rashes of your baby.
  • Another reason for drying and irritation of the skin is shaving. Arko Classic Oily Cream nourishes the dried skin after shaving; it moisturizes and makes it velvety. It ensures the delight of shaving to last all day. It moisturizes the skin that dries during the bath and protects the natural moisture balance of the skin.
  • Works such as clothes washing, dish washing, house cleaning and etc. that require frequent contact with water, damages the natural moisture balance of the skin, and causes the skin to erode in time. Arko Classic Oily Cream, which is ideal especially for hands, is a perfect cream for drying and gaping knees, elbows and heels.
The most important feature of Arko Classic Oily Cream is that, thanks to the antiseptic characteristic of the beeswax in its content, it hinders the reproduction of microbes and emergence of infections, thus; it cares for the skin.


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