24cm Ottoman Tugrali Plate Table Top and Wall Decoration


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24cm Ottoman Besmele Tugrali Plate Table Top and Wall Decoration

24cm Ottoman Besmele Tugrali Plate Table Top and Wall Decoration

In order to be able to use it in places such as table top, showcase, plastic extendable display feet are sent in stand box. We can use it on your wall or table. The wood look plate made of embossed 1st quality plastic is the wall decoration.

COLOR: Golden yellow

It is a first quality plastic plate wall decoration. It is hard, thick, heavy plastic with a wood look.
Verses and motifs are embossed.
There is a hanger and slot on the back of all our products for you to hang on the wall.
You can reflect your spiritual peace to your decor in your offices and homes. You can send it to your loved ones with peace of mind as a meaningful, permanent and spiritual gift.

Ottoman Tughra Table is one of the most important elements that complement decoration in homes and businesses. There are many symbols on the tugra, which is one of the most beautiful symbols of the Ottoman State. It is a beautiful work that will remind the glorious Ottoman history by revealing a very stylish image in the places where it is used. It is especially suitable for use in government offices, working rooms, offices of businessmen. At the same time, it is an indispensable accessory that displays a very meaningful and stylish stance for the decoration of large showy places. It will be the most precious gift to be presented especially to those who have a great interest in history.
Ottoman Tughra Table General Features
The table has deep embroidered motifs due to its general features. The coat of arms is embossed. The Ottoman Coat of Arms in the table is approximately 3 cm thick. The background of the coat of arms is embroidered with A quality artificial leather. The use of this leather surface has also been a rich value for the Ottoman Coat of Arms and is highly appreciated in this way. Another important feature of the table is; Turkey is seen with his wife at another table craftsmanship. The quality of workmanship is not at a level to compare with the workmanship in any other product and stands out with its professionalism in workmanship. Product; In the order delivery process, it is packaged and shipped in such a way that the table is not damaged except for its outer coating.

Why Ottoman Coat of Arms is a Meaningful Gift?
Each of the symbols on the Ottoman Tughra Table, which takes its place among the first choices while buying gifts for valuable people, has a different meaning. The term of rigging was first used in the period of Sultan Abdülmecid. Following the engagement, which was presented by the French allies following the Crimean War, other states also gave engagement. Sultan Abdülmecid likes the culture of engagement, which was not previously included in the Ottoman state culture, and invites British designers to the dynasty. The process, which started this invitation with conscientiousness, took its place in Ottoman history when Sultan Abdulhamid II used the name of the Ottoman State coat of arms. Sultan II. Abdulhamid gave the final coat of arms to the memory of his father Sultan Abdulmecid. It was accepted as an official coat of arms on April 17, 1882. Ottoman State Coat of Arms since this date; It was an engagement that the Sultan himself gave as a gift to those who signed successful works within the state, who are loyal to their state and who are loyal to their business with genuine ihlas. Considering this meaning in our history; It will be a very successful choice for anyone who thinks to buy gifts for their loved ones or business relationships. This coat of arms, which the state deems worthy of the most precious, can be a gift that you will present to the extent of the value you give. Ottoman Coat of Arms, which is the result of the most beautiful gift of our history, will be one of the most beautiful gifts you will offer. At the same time, the Ottoman Coat of Arms Table will be a very elegant decoration piece for the gift side. Our table, which has a stance that can offer a visual feast that will increase the magnificence of the place, will be the most special gift option for you.



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