3X Camsakızı Pine liquid Depilation Sugar Paste Hair Removal Sugaring Wax Balm


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CAMSAKIZI 270 ml / 9.5 ozTraditional Turkish Hand Wax can be applied on arms, legs, underarms, bikini line and face.You will not need strips or spatulas to use this hand wax. Net weight : 270 ml/9.5ozLID is Sealed please soak it before open **3x will be sent 100% NATURALIngredients: sugar, water, citric acidHow to apply:Warm up the paste heating it inside a bowl with full water. Make sure the container is tightly closed and no water will touch the paste. Continue heating untill the paste loses its hard form. Be careful not to over heat. Take a desired amount out of the container and put it on a dry and smooth surface. Let it cool off untill it reaches an applicable temperature. Then take it with your hand, knead and stretch like a chewing gum untill it reaches a shiny yellow color. It is now ready to apply. For best result applied area should be clean and dry.Net weight : 270 ml/9.5oz

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