55 BLADES SAMPLE PACK + choreme coated straitght razor PERSONNA ASTRA permasharp


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You will recive 10 brands  of double edge blades sample pack total 55 blades + 1 straight choreme coated straight razor (silver colour)

5 astra double edge blades
5 derby double edge blades
5 perma – sharp double edge blades
5 personna double edge blades
10 rapira double edge blades
5 shark double edge blades
5 BIC double edge blades
5 supermax  double edge blades
5 derby premium double edge blades
5 wilkinson sword double edge blades
total 55 double edge blades (when you break it they equal to 110 single edge blades)
ps:Like you see it is straight razor for single edge blades..

whic is you need to wipe and break the double edge blades also you need to break the sides to fit the blade in it .and there is no amount for it.
**you can ask video ***in the video shows how to put single blade…. also you had to break double edge blades from half to use it .

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