900 piece TIRYAKI Disposable Tar Blocking Cigarette Filters 12 packs of 75


900 piece filter cigarette


12 PACK OF 75 piece total 900piece


1 pack Contains 75 filters

Filters are made from food quality plastic, and have no taste. 
For multiple use.


Researchers have discovered that the built in filters on filter tipped cigarettes, which are designed to trap soot particles and absorb tar and other toxic chemicals are in themselves a potentially dangerous health hazard to smoker

Although the built in filters do help to trap some of the soot particles and to absorb tar, carcinogens and toxic chemicals, analysis of documents released during legal cases show that the built in filters can also send a shower of loose fibres and carbon particles into the lungs of smokers.The body finds it difficult to break down these fibres and previous research suggests that the fibres found in the lungs of smokers are made of this material. These fibres are known to be coated in tumour promoters, carcinogens and a diverse range of toxins which are known to resist biodegradation.


Using cigarette filters will help to protect you against this newly discovered health risk by catching and holding air born fibres within the filter, helping to prevent them from entering your lungs.  do not contain any chemicals, charcoal or other loose fibre, they simply use centrifugal force to place a barrier between you and the hazardous toxins found in your filter tipped cigarettes.

Our cigarette filters DO NOT contain any chemicals, they simply use centrifugal force. As the smoke is drawn into the cigarette filter it passes through small holes which causes the smoke to spin at speed in a whirlwind effect, this forces the heavier particles (mainly tar but also other hazardous substances) to the outer edge, where it sticks to the inside of the cigarette filter wall. This toxic sludge is clearly visible from the very first cigarette smoked, regardless of the strength.

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