Arzum AR3018 Cezveli Turkish Coffee Machine Maker-gray-BLUE – PINK – RED-silver


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AR343 & AR3010 Mirra
Greek / Turkish Coffee Maker – Electric Coffee Pot – Kettle
Bitter coffee known as ‘mirra’, a word deriving from the Arabic ‘mur’ meaning bitter,
is a speciality of the southeastern region of Turkey.
5 Different Colors
FirstClass Experience for Turkish/Greek Coffee
300 mL tank capacity / almost for 4 demitasse cups
Safety cooking & Easy to clean
Stainless steel body
Stainless steel resistance
Cordless use
360° rotation facility
Safety system to prevent operation without water
Foldable handle : Folding handle for easy carrying and storing
Easy usage with left or right hand : Yes
Power : 850W
EU Plug
Package Content
Arzum Mirra Coffee Maker
Making Turkish Coffee
You can make Turkish coffee for up to 4 people at once. 
Fill the appliance with cold water for people you’ll make Turkish coffee (max 4 people).
If you need to make medium-sugar coffee, put 1 coffee cup of water, 1 tablet sugar and a heaping full scale of Turkish coffee.
Plug your appliance and turn it on.
At this time, mix your coffee a few times using a tea spoon. 
When the coffee starts to rise slightly, turn the appliance off and pour a little coffee into the cup (for foam).
Turn it on again. When your coffee rises again, put the remaining coffee into the coffee cup.
You can prepare coffee with different amounts of coffee and sugar for your taste.


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Red, Blue, Pink, gray, steel gray


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