Copper Hand Painted Electric Samovar Tea Kettle, works with electiric


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 The samovar is usable for

 heating water,

 brewing tea using the teapot on top,

 supplying hot water for washing up even shower!

 The top compartment of the samovar can be removed so that the bottom part can be used as a barbecue.

 The combustion controlled through the front cover. If you close the front cover the fire burns for a long time.

 The samovar offers you a unforgettably tasty tea and hot drinks. Essential piece of camping kit if you like a hot cuppa, soup, coffee etc.

 The samovar keeps heat for a long time.

 The samovar is usable with wood/kindling or coal.

 The samovar has wooden handles and a hot water tap.

 It is very useful in tents, campers, boats etc.

 The samovar can be easily ignited and used in balconies, verandas or gardens.

 Fissionable, easily portable! This samovar is composed of 6 pieces.

 Decorated Anatolian flower motifs

 Made by experienced Artisans

 Use can as a decorative item.

 Solid copper is tin coated inside for safety and durability.

 %100 Handmade and handcrafted copper.

 Due to the nature of our handmade products, some irregularities are considered normal and no two items are identical. Some designs and colors may vary slightly from photo and piece to piece.


 Water reservoir volume: 3.5 Liter

 Diameter: 23 cm (9 inches)

 Teapot Volume: 1 Liter

 Total weight: 3500gr (4000gr with package)

 Total height: 50 cm


 samovar stove with ashtray

 1 water reservoir with cover

 1 teapot

 1 chimney

 1 tap


1. fill the water tank with water

2. fill the bottom compartment with firewood or coal and set alight (the fire can also be fed through the chimney)

3. smoke comes out through a stainless steel chimney – the chimney runs through the water tank – (obviously the chimney is sealed),

4. water boils in the top compartment

5. there is a place on the top where you can sit a small teapot to keep it warm in the steam.


– Do not use the samovar waterless!

– Empty and dry the samovar after using!

– This samovar is for outdoor use!

– The samovar has produced to use with kindling and coal!

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