Cotton Hammam Peshtemal Bath robe , Fouta Towels, Beach Towels,Turkish Robe

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Pestemal is one kind of a cotton cloth and it is one of humanbeing’s first clothes, for example clothings seen in antic egyptian hieroglyphes are the most primitive form of pestemals..
Pestemal’s outshining features are making it popular day by day according to classic towel.
You can fit into 5 pestemals instead of 1 towel to your suitcase when you are going to a travel…
It’s soft feeling  , lightness , absorvente and easy drying features  makes pestemal extremely functional and more and more popular.
Always keep one pestemal inside your bag, you can use it as a shawl  when you feel cold, as a pique on your bed, in baby care or as a decorative cover on your table and on your sofas.
You will never believe how functional this natural fabric is..
Turkish Hamam’s  irrevocable pestemal is also irrevocable in our  daily use after bath or after shower and also in beaches.
Pestemal is manufactured from the natural yarns of Turkish cotton , linen and silk is now not only popular in Turkish beaches also getting popular in world beaches.
With the advantage of being a new market product and the outshining features, Pestemal can comfartably be introduced to the new markets and can be sold  in high quantities.
About Pestemals
* Thin and Light
* Quick Dry
* Highly Absorbable
* Takes up very little space
* Easy to carry
* Made from %100 natural cotton, linen and silk
* Eco Friendly
* Uses less energy while washing and drying 
Where to Use ?
* Hamam Towel
* Bath Towel
* Guest Towel
* Kitchen Towel
* Travel Towel
* Table-Chair Cover
* Shawl
* Pareo
* Beach Towel
* SPA Saloons
* Fitness Centers
* YOGA Centers
* Massage Parlor
* Outdoor Sports

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Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Pink


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