Domestic turkey Birth 20 tea bags (Blackberry)

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Turkey Domestic turkey Birth 20 tea bags (Blackberry)

Turkey nDomestic turkey Birth 20 tea bags (Blackberry)

Blackberry, which has a sour sweet taste, is consumed in many ways. Blackberry, which has numerous benefits to the body, can be used both as tea and in desserts. What are the benefits of blackberry tea, which is rich in magnesium

Miraculous nutrient blackberry, which contains many vitamins, contributes a lot to the body. Blackberry, which is also rich in magnesium, iodine and phosphorus, is both very useful and very delicious food. Especially, the leaf in the branch is very important for body health.

– Blackberry tea, if consumed regularly, shows antioxidant effect and allows free radicals to be thrown out of the body.

– It supports the immune system and provides protection against diseases such as colds, flu, and colds that may occur in cold weather.

– Makes it possible to quickly heal wounds in the mouth.

– It provides strengthening of bone tissues thanks to the vitamin C it contains.

– It helps to prevent infection-related problems that may occur in the urinary tract.

– Regulates blood sugar, balances blood pressure. It is especially effective in lowering bad cholesterol.

– The leaves are cut into porridge and applied externally to the burn marks, which removes the marks to a large extent.

– It prevents problems such as stones in the bladder.

– Helps the body maintain its fat balance. In this way, it benefits the skin by tightening the skin.


Blackberry tea, which is a preferred by dieters, helps to lose weight due to its high content of fiber. Blackberry, which contains lots of protein as well as fiber, provides strengthening of muscle tissues. This situation prevents the loss of muscles while losing weight. Consuming blackberry tea while on a diet provides fast and healthy weight loss.

How to prepare blackberry tea

Put the dry blackberry leaves in the teapot and add boiling water over it. After it is brewed in this way for fifteen minutes, it can be drunk after filtering. If consumed regularly, it benefits the body in many ways. It is recommended not to overdo it only in consumption. As with all herbal teas, if blackberry tea is consumed more than necessary, there is a possibility that it may cause an allergic reaction in the body. It is also unlikely that undesirable results may occur in bodies that are allergic to one of the active ingredients in blackberrrry

made in Turkey
leading brands in Turkey, Dogus Cay
Quality and new product
The expiration date is long
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