High quality milled ud-i hindi (kust-i bahri) (aquilaria agallocha) 50gr-400gr free shıppıng

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High quality milled ud-i hindi (kust-i bahri) (aquilaria agallocha) 50gr-400gr free shıppıng

High quality milled ud-i hindi (kust-i bahri) (aquilaria agallocha) 50gr-400gr free shıppıng

High quality milled ud-i hindi (kust-i bahri) (aquilaria agallocha) 50gr-400gr free shıppıng
Family: Thymelaeaceaendan. Other Names: Alice tree, India alice tree.

It grows in East Asia, the Malayan Islands and India. It grows mainly in Kashmir and China. Summer, winter leaves do not fall. Fruits are in the form of pears. Wood parts are used.

There are white and black-brown ones. This plant was called ust Kust i Hindi, and it was called “ Kust i Bahri dolayı due to the fact that merchants brought it to Arab countries by sea . The white species was called “Kustı bahei or ‘Kustı Aeabı abı and the black species was called’ Kust-i Hindi..

The root, branches and bark of Ud-i Hindi is a fragrant tree. The smell is sharp, spicy, close to the ginger smell and resinous. Used in medicine and essential oil production. The active ingredients of the plant are essential oil and resin .

Benefits of Ud-i Hindi

* Honey in a spoon , 3-5 grams propolis, 3-5 gr ud-i turkey mixture is the most beautiful antibiotics . * For sore throat and tonsillitis: Ud-i turkey flour is mixed with olive oil and pulled to the nose. – Ud-i turkey is boiled and gargled or poured and sieved from cheesecloth. Blown to the throat. – Powdered 100gr ud-i turkey plant in a teaspoon of pure olive oil

is added and mixed with wooden spoon. The mouth is closed with a cheesecloth and left to infuse for 15 days in a place exposed to the sun. The brewed nose drop cure is thus prepared in the form of drops. The patient is laid on his back and applied to each nostril with 2 drops in infants and 5 drops in adults.
– It is good for the tonsils to be poured by mouth seven times after mixing the powder with water or dropping through the nose.
– Ud-i turkey is pulverized, drink 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Continue for 2-3 days.
– Frequent tonsillitis, powdered ud-i turkey plant mixed with honey morning and eveningone teaspoon is sucked (slowly melted in the mouth) is continued for 2 months.
– Ud-i turkey is boiled, water is made with mouthwash and honey gargle.
– It is blown into the throat in powder form or mixed with powder, water or olive oil and dripped into the nose.
– Again for sore throat-tonsillitis, ud turkey is left in water for 24 hours. This is done by gargling with water.
– In case of tonsillitis, it is recommended to remove steam or incense to the nose.

* Zatülcenp (inflammation of the mucous membranes of the sputum), in chronic cough in the ud-i turkey powder can be drunk or mixed with olive oil . It removes phlegm.

* Gastric ulcer and gastritis: 3 g of powdered ud-turkeyis mixed with1 cup of pure olive oil and 1 cup of 3 days is drunk on an empty stomach in the morning. Should not use more than 3 days. – Ud-i turkey is made into powder, 3 g of gum gum, pure olive oil or sesame oil is heated by melting and drinking. – It is beneficial for stomach sagging and stomach enlargement. * Stomach pain: Ud-i turkey boiled andflavored with honey todrink on an empty stomach. It warms the stomach,provokessexual desire and desire.

– Ud-i turkey is chewed in the mouth or boiled mouth rinse mouth beauties nu.

* Headache: Ud-i turkey powder, honey sherbet drink what is mixed. Ud-i turkey is pulverized, wetted with maverd and applied to the forehead is useful in half and full headaches. In the headache headache, ud-i turkey powder is drawn to the nose in a very small amount.

* Ear pain: Ud-i turkey flour, olive oil with water, boiling until the water is boiling until olive oil is dripped into the ear.
* Flu and plague: Ud-i turkey incense is made. Its smell removes the cold.
* Gives strength to the body: Ud-i turkey flour honeyla mixed and eaten.
– Also used as body tonic. It strengthens the body and increases resistance to factors such as fatigue and health of internal organs.
* Kidney sands: Ud-i turkey boiled and flavored with honey to drink on an empty stomach.
* Useful for people who ca n’t keep their urine . It loosens the bladder and prevents frequent urination and wetting.
– Boil the ud-turkey with 1 spoon of water. Replicate urine and menstrual bleeding . Leukorrhea is also used (white discharge in women).
– 4 g powder ud-i turkey is mixed with 4 g powder galangal, 1 cup of warm water and drink the urine stream stops.

* Malaria: Ud-i turkey flour is mixed with cold honey sherbet drink.

* Strengthens the nerves and nervous system in the long run and is also soothing . It strengthens the brain and increases the working power.

* Liver pain: Ud-i turkey boiled and flavored with honey to drink on an empty stomach.

* Used in gout, rheumatism and stroke.

* Cold pains: Pain and leakage dispenses. Ud-i turkey flour, water, olive oil , boiling until the water flies and the remaining oil rheumatism, grub and joint pains are massaged.
– Occlusion opener: Ud-yl turkey reflux ba ll sweetened drink on an empty stomach. Strengthens bile flow.

Sinusitis : Ud-i turkey is a very good drug for sinusitis is seen in a very short time benefit. The white and very thin ones are selected and thoroughly drawn and snuffed . Light brown ones are hard burns too. If it can be tolerated brown can be taken but burns like pepper. White does not burn sweet.

* It is beneficial against poisoning . It is used as an antidote against snake and scorpion bites .

* It is useful against malaria that comes every other day and every four days . It is beneficial against piled fever and lateral pains. Oil is useful against back pain . Relieves tremor , sciatica and joint pain .

* Drinking water kills the worms in the intestines . It is a gas expector.
* Intestine strengthens, gives the heart refreshment, constipation makes.
* Colitis powdered into 3 times a day, 1 g ud-i turkey, 1 cup of olive oil and drink. Continue for 3 days.

* Increases skin tension. If the ud-i turkey powder is applied to the face by mixing with honey syrup, it removes stains and freckles on the face .
– Paste with water or honey and apply to the facial freckles .
– Ud-i turkey is burned, coal stains on the body is removed stains.
* Sunburns are mild, including burns and eczema it is useful against either.

* Ödagacı powder is used both by drinking and applying it to the skin like ointment. It is used alone or by mixing with other substances. When mixed with camphor there is a medical purpose, such as breeding one with the other.

* Improves skin health, vision and hearing when taken routinely .

* It is used in the production of agaric fluid, pigment and insecticides


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