Natural After Shave Alum Block Potassium alum

Natural Alum Block

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1 block is 75 grams
The alum block, an old staple in traditional barbershops, is an all-natural astringent that instantly closes razor nicks. Made from potassium alum, this block soothes and cools delightfully when rubbed over the entire face after a shave.
Alum Block uses natural alum, an antiseptic agent, to stop the bleeding caused by nicks and cuts while shaving. Simply moisten the alum and touch to the open cut to close the wound. The alum block is an essential for any wet shaver.
 Simply wet the block, rub gently onto the shaved area, and then leave to dry on the face. If you are applying a moisturiser or after shave balm, splash water on the face, pat dry with a towel and apply your after shave balm or moiosturiser.

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Weight 150 kg

2 alum block, 5 alum block, 12 alum block


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