Natural Sahlep 100 Gr famous turkey Sahlep Parish | Salep | Sahlep | glass jar

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We collected most of the mountains in Grinding Natural Aleppo, Bucak and the environment and sell dust Aleppo. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. This is why our salep is produced naturally. We sell most salepes. Natural salep and are under our guarantee. We are pretentious, will want it to taste time again.
Best product warranty
-Our become natural and
The famous Bucak Saleb.
-It is welcome with a glass bottle of security tape.
-His flavor is great.
Can be consumed as both ice cream and hot salep.
Drink it in the warm winter days, or cold and delicious ice cream summer heat.
Natural Salep
In its class production, it is called salep, which is the human touch without harvest. As Dayıoğlu natural Salep, our products are self-produced salep mountains.
Benefits of natural Salebin
Helps to cure chest diseases.
-Good cough, bronchitis and throat infections.
Memory for a good boost
-Good hemorrhoids and intestinal disease.
It helps to organize a large number.
Helps destroy intestinal worms.
-It removes the need for a sudden removal of blood sugar without dessert.
– Increases the rate of fat burning and makes it easier to lose weight.
-It is good for headaches and migraines.
-It alleviates constipation and bloating and facilitates digestion.
-It helps increase breast milk.


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