Philips BG105/10 Bodygroom Body Groomer Body Shaver Series 1000 Cordless Battery



Philips Bodygroom Series 1000 BG105/10

With Enhanced Skin Protector

For the man who wants a clean-cut appearance simply and quickly, the Philips Bodygroom Series 1000 is a good choice. This waterproof body groomer has a skin protector, so that it’s safe to use on even the most sensitive areas. It allows you to trim really close, down to 0.5 mm length, without any nicks or grazes.

It has a bi-directional trimmer, so you can go backwards and forwards, so you can catch hairs whichever direction they grow, for a super smooth result. It comes with a trimming comb attachment, to trim hair to an even 3 mm length or can be used without for a smooth finish. It comes with a lanyard, so you can hang it in the shower and takes one AA battery, so it’s completely portable. The blades are designed to last, so you shouldn’t need to replace them and never need to be oiled.

Suitable for use everywhere on your body – from your chest and abs to your back, shoulders and groin- for best results, use dry, ideally just before you shower. The Bodygroom and your body can then be rinsed clean in the shower.


Skin Protector

The skin protector guards even your most sensitive body areas, allowing you to comfortably trim hair as close as 0.5 mm without directly exposing your skin to blades.

Bi-directional Trimmer

Well designed to trim hair both backwards and forwards, this trimmer makes it possible to catch and cut hairs even when they grow in different directions.

Trim and Shave All Body Areas

Designed exclusively for men who want the ultimate body comfort below the neck: shaves and trims chest and abs, underarms, legs, groin area and back and shoulders.

Trimming Comb Attachment

Just click on the bi-directional comb and trim your hair in any direction you like, to a consistent length of 3 mm.

Fully Waterproof

Provides a comfortable and close trim in or out of the shower. The Philips bodygroom is fully waterproof, so you can simply rinse it clean when you’re done.

Shower Cord

Hang the Philips bodygroom where it’s most convenient for you. Easily accessible and always ready to use.

Built to Last Longer

The blades are designed to last, time after time and don’t need replacement on a regular basis.

Cordless Convenience

Cordless use thanks to AA battery power – the Philips bodygroom is ready to use whenever, wherever. Battery performance and run-time may differ depending on hair type and frequency of use.

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