Sinbo SEB 5803 Egg Cooking Bleaching Appliance boiled eggs 7 pieces


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Sinbo SEB 5803 Egg Cooking Bleaching Appliance boiled eggs 7 pieces

Sinbo SEB 5803 Egg Cooking Bleaching Appliance boiled eggs 7 pieces

Illuminated switch for easy operation. Stainless steel heating plate.
Transparent Top Cover.
7 Eggs in the tray (Rice, Normal, Solid) as desired cooking.
Signal Sound Indicating that the Cooking Process is finished.

Sinbo Seb-5803 egg cooking scalding device is one of the products that attract attention with its functionality and elegant stance among the small household appliances in the kitchens of the houses. The small household appliance, which helps you to boil the eggs in the desired consistency, especially in the morning, makes your life easier with its practical and safe use. Whether you want to collect energy for the first meal of the morning or lunch, dinner and salads, to offer you any time of the day to cook quickly according to different degrees of delicious eggs are ready to hand. Sinbo egg scattering devices offered to consumers at economical prices are preferred with their small size, cute design, fast service facility and safe settings.

Very Easy to Reach

It is sometimes a nuisance to get the full consistency of the egg, which is one of the indispensable protein sources that everyone can ask to cook differently according to taste. However, when the subject egg, Sinbo Seb-5803 egg baking scalding device with the expert in this problem is eliminated.

Very cooked, medium cooked or known under the name of the shredded under cooked in different settings, according to the preferred consistency of water vapor with the boiling makes.
The heating plate made of stainless steel has a highly secure technical feature.
With the needle part of the water measuring cup made of stainless steel, a hole is drilled in the large part of the eggs, and when the water of the desired consistency is added, the eggs are cooked quickly according to the amount of water.
The illuminated button turns off automatically when the operation is finished and the alarm starts to sound.
Eggs cooked in the selected setting are ready for dinner.
Practical Use

The egg cooking machine with its highly functional parts to prepare the perfect eggs to accompany your meal makes your work easier with its quality apparatus and uncomplicated structure.

Durable and stainless steel heating plate working with 350 Watts
Trackable mechanism with illuminated start button and audible warning system
Transparent cover with transparent cover for baking
Large tray tray for 7 eggs
Practical, adjustable needle with water
Easy Portable Box


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