Sugar Free Tahini Halva, Diabetic, Pistachio, Plain, Cocoa by KOSKA


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Sugar Free Tahini Halva, Diabetic, Pistachio, Plain, Cocoa by KOSKA


350 g


since 1907

3 variations
1- Pistachio Tahina Halva, light
2- Plain Tahini Halva, light
3-Cocoa Tahini Halva, Light

Enjoy your helva!

Tahini (or tahina) is produced from only and only sesame seeds by automated cleaning, selection, hulling, roasting and cooling off and later by grinding in mills. No other additive nor ingredients are added other than sesame seeds.

Tahina paste: Tahina paste is composed of mainly tahina and sugar and it contains trace amounts of lemon salt, soapwort extract and vanilin. The main raw material, tahina, is produced by our own company. Therefore only and only sesame is processed in our grinders and it’s out of question that no other product is processed in this mechanism. Since the tahina processing unit is separated from the other sections, contamination risk is minimized at the highest level. Ground tahina is maintained in storage tanks of 50 tons and they are packaged in machines where only tahina filling is performed. There also other types available, such as cocoa tahina paste and pistacchio tahina paste. It’s not an issue to be contaminated with gluten containing material such as wheat flour.

The details of the other materials found in trace amounts: Soapwort extract is obtained by slicing soapwort root into small pieces and boiling it. Citric acid is used to regulate acidity. There is definitely no protein in it; it’s fruit acid and it’s used in approximately 0,35% level. Also, nature-identical vanilin aroma is used in trace amounts. This material is lignin based. Lignin is produced from sugar by eliminating water in order to obtain aromatic substances. There is absolutely no protein in it and it’s gluten-free. It’s used in 0,05% amounts.

Grape molasse: Grape molasses are composed of fruits (sour cherry, strawberry, apricot, rose petals, orange, fig, quince, raspberry, cornelian cherry, rosehip, blackberry), sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid and pectin. None of the ingredients contain gluten.

Croquante: Made of sesame, walnuts, pistacchio, sugar and glucose. Does not contain gluten.

Turkish delight: Our delights are made of only maize starch. The analysis report is enclosed for your interest. Therefore, it is the only product in the whole market that you can safely consume.

Finally, those who suffer from celiac disease should not consume the summer paste (helva), pismaniye, wafer, nougat and bakery products.



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