Turkey domestic simple birth GREEN TEA 20 bags

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Turkey domestic simple birth GREEN TEA 20 bags

Turkey domestic simple birth GREEN TEA 20 bags

GREEN TEA% grown in Turkey is made from the
leading brands in Turkey, Dogus Cay
Quality and new product
The expiration date is long
Package 20 bags

Cancer, which occurs with tenderness, is the second most common disease group in the world that causes death after cardiovascular diseases. The important antioxidant content of green tea prevents the formation of oxidative damage in the cells and provides a protective effect against all types of cancer, especially breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancers. In many scientific studies on this subject, it emphasizes that individuals who have the habit of consuming green tea regularly have a much lower risk of getting cancer. Likewise, consumption of green tea is very effective in terms of increasing the success rate in treatment and shortening the recovery time in people who receive cancer treatment.

How should green tea be consumed?
It is useful to consume 2-3 cups a day in order to benefit from the positive effects of green tea that do not count. However, there are some issues that need attention. First of all, green tea should be selected from the products of well-known brands. Green tea that is sold in the open and has been waiting for a long time may cause more harm than harm in the body as it may be risky in terms of foreign substance mixture, moisture increase and aflatoxin formation. Likewise, low-quality green teas can contain excessive levels of fluoride. Consuming these teas, which regularly contain excess fluoride, may cause various negative effects to start to be observed in the body. Green tea purchased from known brands should be prepared by paying attention to the correct steeping time. As the above bioactive components can be damaged in over-boiled green tea, the desired positive effects may not be obtained. For this reason, tea brewed in water close to boiling for 5 minutes is enough to be ready for drinking. Bag green teas obtained from known brands may also be preferred. It can be consumed plainly or by adding different spices such as lemon, basil, mint.

Green tea, a beverage that does not end with counting its positive effects on health, can be consumed 2-3 glasses a day. However, people with any chronic disease, pregnant women or drug users should consult their physicians before starting regular green tea consumption, and should start consuming green tea if their physician does not see any harm. For this reason, if there is no obstacle to your green tea consumption from a medical point of view, you can start consuming green tea regularly and help protect your health.


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