Veet Sensitive Touch Bikini Hair Remover Eyebrow Shaper Shaver Trimmer Epilator


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2 Sided Precision Head 16 And 6 mm

2 and 4mm Comb Attachment To Uniform Hair Length

Bikini Head 20 mm

Comb Attachment To Uniform Hair Length

Cleaning Brush

AA Battery

Beauty Cap

Beauty Pouch to take it Everywhere with you

For Perfect Looking Eyebrows:

Step 1: Trim. For desired eyebrow length just trim them! Use the
small head and add the comb. Place the device over your eyebrow and
move it against the direction of hair growth.

For Perfect Looking Eyebrows:

Step 2: Shape. For a perfect eyebrow contouring, remove the comb
and use the high precision head. Touch skin lightly and push it across
the eyebrow.

For Gently Shaved/Shaped Bikini

For Shaving / Shaping: Use the larger head. Touch skin lightly
and move the device to the opposite direction of hair growth. As its
cutting blades don’t touch the skin, there is NO fear of cuts.

For Gently Shaved/Shaped Bikini

For gently shaved/shaped Bikini.

For Trimming: Add the comb and choose the desired length. For more instructions just watch the tutorial.

Veet Sensitive Touch Multi-Function Electric Trimmer for Women – Free Shipping

  • Gentle hair removal and precise shaping for your delicate body parts, ideal for upper lip, side burns and eyebrows

  • Quick and Gentle: Easily remove any unwanted hair in one go

  • High Precision: Dedicated accessories to get precise shaping and styling

  • Ideal also for quick touch-ups wherever you go

  • Wide Range of Accessories: 1 precision head, 1 bikini head, 2
    combs, 1 beauty cap, 1 cleaning brush, 1 beauty pouch and AA battery

  • As its cutting blades don’t touch the skin, there is no fear of cuts               
Box Contains:

  • 1 x Precision head

  • 1 x Bikini head

  • 2 x Combs

  • 1 x Beauty cap

  • 1 x Cleaning brush

  • 1 x Beauty pouch

  • AA Battery


1. Is Veet Sensitive Precision gentle?

Veet Sensitive Precision is gentle as its cutting blade don’t touch the skin so no fear of cuts.

2. How long will the blades last?

There is a 2 year warranty on the device which includes the blade. The warranty starts at point of sale.

3. Should I need any pre or post treatment with the use of Sensitive Precision?

As Veet Sensitive Precision is gentle, it doesn’t require any pre or post treatment.

4. How do I clean the product?

There is a cleaning brush supplied with the device to clean the
blades. Both the bikini and face heads can be rinsed in water for
cleaning, then wiped dry. You mustn’t rinse the main body in water.

5. Can I use the trimmer under the shower?

No. The trimming heads of the device are ‘water rinseable’. The
body of the device is not designed to be rinsed and should be kept away
from water. So, it shouldn’t be used in the shower/bath.

6. Is it possible that one trims too much and as a result there are gaps in the eye brows?

The Veet Sensitive Precision Electric Trimmer is a precision
device which allows exact placement when trimming the eyebrows. As with
all shaving/trimming devices it is possible to cut a gap in the eyebrows
but the risk is minimized by the easy to use precision cutting head.     

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